Refugee Families Risk Everything to Escape War and Persecution |

Refugee Families Risk Everything to Escape War and Persecution

  • Syrian refugees arriving at night
  • Syrian refugee father with child
  • Syrian refugee family
  • Syrian refugee child
  • Charmaine Hedding with Syrian refugee girl
  • Diapers for Syrian refugee families
  • School books for Syrian refugee families

It is a dangerous journey passing through nine borders, but for families under the constant threat of violence, civil war and persecution, it is a risk they are willing to take to get to safety. They arrive with meager belongings, exhausted from all they have been through. Those lucky enough to escape are desperate to call home and tell those left behind that they are safe.

Sitting in an emergency refugee camp with persecuted religious minorities, I watched as they phoned home to Syria. Some could hear the bombs falling as they spoke to their families left behind. I could see the stress and exhaustion in their eyes that tells of their struggle to make it out of Syria in the hope that the rest of their families will eventually be able to make it to safety.

Since late September, Shai Fund has been on the ground in the emergency camps in Germany assisting the most needy refugees: children who have arrived without parents and persecuted religious minorities. Teams have been distributing clothing, toiletries, learning materials and sports equipment for unaccompanied minors. 

Shai Fund is committed to assisting the vulnerable, persecuted and hurting. Please consider supporting our efforts to bring hope and meet the needs of these suffering families. 

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