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Project Nazarene - Aiding Persecuted Middle East Christians

In June 2014, IS (Islamic State) fighters took control of Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, and historically home to many of the Christians and other minorities, causing an estimated 500,000 people to flee in the first week alone. IS then proceeded to take control of the city of Tikrit and later swept across the Nineveh plains. For the first time in two thousand years the church bells are not ringing in Mosul and the Ninevah Plains.

The Christians fled their homelands as they were one of the primary targets of violence; summary executions, forced conversions, kidnappings, torture, rapes, sexual trafficking, looting and destruction of property. Since the year 2000 Christians in Iraq speak about churches, businesses and homes throughout Iraq becoming the target of coordinated attacks. Kidnappings, as well as verbal and written threats to convert to Islam, pay Jizyah (a tax imposed upon non-Muslims), leave the country or else suffer death, are commonplace reports by the Christians that have fled.

They are desperately depending on Christian aid for their survival.

Urgent & Specific Needs:

Feeding Projects for Schools & Relief Aid

Shai Fund is committed to feeding projects in two kindergartens in Ankawa. Every day we provide a healthy snack to 450 children. In addition aid packages are distributed to families in need or for special religious or cultural occassions. Each family (average of 6 – 8 people) recieves aid for one month. Items often include: food aid (sugar, rice, powdered milk, beans, cans of tuna, tomato paste, lentils, soups, cheese, pasta and tea) and non-food items (blankets, mattresses, cooking utensils). Clothing and shoes are also given for the winter and school children.

Art Therapy Trauma Program for Children

This project is an art therapy trauma program designed to address the non-verbal core of traumatic memory to improve resilience and the mental health of children. The project works with local Christian grassroots community based organisations to develop a program whereby expressive activities such as art and drawing, act as a secondary medium through which children can communicate their thoughts, emotions, feelings and hopes. This program helps children recover from trauma and cope with daily challenges including school readiness.


Livelihoods and Education Projects

This project equips religious minorities with the skills that they need to build a sustainable income. It helps skilled IDPs with trade experience to establish SMMEs (small, medium and micro enterprises) or gain vocational skills in order to improve work prospects. Projects include mechanic stores, bakeries, learning English, computer classes and many more.

Without the support of the international Christian community these Christians would be in even more desperate conditions. Please consider donating to Project Nazarene.




Shai Fund is a US registered non-profit with 501(c) (3) tax exemption status

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