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Yezidi Sex Slave Survivors

Since 2014 thousands of Yazidis have been killed and there is clear evidence of mass graves of Yazidi people abducted by ISIS/Daesh. Many of those captured have been tortured or forcibly converted to Islam. Yazidi women have been enslaved, and made victims of forced marriage and trafficking while girls as young as six have been raped. Yazidi boys have been forcibly recruited as child soldiers for the so-called IS/Daesh. 

Yezidis are one of the oldest ethnic groups in Mesopotamia, with a current population of around 600,000 in Iraq. On the August 3rd, 2014 the self proclaimed Islamic State (IS) brutally attacked and occupied the Sinjar area where an estimeated 400,000 of the Yezidi ethnic group had lived up and until the attack. The fall of Sinjar led to a mass exodus of all of Yazidis from Sinjar District to the Kurdish Region of Iraq, however,  thousands became entrapped on Mt. Sinjar and its adjacent villages.  IS also abducted at least 5000 Yazidis during their assault on Sinjar, mostly women and children, and has trafficked them throughout Iraq, Syria and beyond where they are offered for sale as sexual slaves. Estimates are that as many as 3600 women and children are still in slavery.

Emergency Fund for Yezidi Sex Slave Survivors

Many women and children that manage to escape the Islamic State return to find themselves in an IDP (internally displaced camps) camp near Dohuk, in the Kurdish Region of Iraq. They arrive after months and even years of slavery with many reporting that they were sold many times to different men, some even in slave markets. Their lives are now reduced to living in an tent, where they have to deal with their trauma with little or no assistance. This project helps them with some basic items to start life again: clothing, pots, pans, mattresses, cutlery, food items etc. 



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