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The ongoing conflict in Syria has displaced six-in-ten Syrians or 60% of the pre-war population.  This means that over 13 million have been displaced from their home with a generation of children at risk of being lost in the conflict. Millions of children are facing challenges children should not have to experience; seeing war firsthand, fleeing their homes, missing school, working as child laborers, vulnerable to exploitation and child marriages.

Since August 2013, thousands of Syrian and now Iraqi asylum seekers have arrived in Bulgaria via Turkey. The influx of asylum seekers into Bulgaria has been a challenge to the local authorities, which have never had to absorb such a substantial numbers of asylum seekers...

Typhoon Haiyan, or as the locals call it, Yolanda, decimated everything in it’s path when it hit the Philippines on November 7th, 2013. Followed by destructive 17-foot-high storm surges and devastating landslides, hundreds were left dead and many communities were destroyed, including the boats of local fisher folk...

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