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The ongoing conflict in Syria has displaced six-in-ten Syrians or 60% of the pre-war population.  This means that over 13 million have been displaced from their home with a generation of children at risk of being lost in the conflict. Millions of children are facing challenges children should not have to experience; seeing war firsthand, fleeing their homes, missing school, working as child laborers, vulnerable to exploitation and child marriages. Many of these children live in besieged locations that are difficult to reach and they don't have enough access to clean water, food, or healthcare.

Our Projects

Afrin Orphans & Relief Aid

As many fled the Afrin area of Syria, Shai Fund was immediately sending in much needed urgent aid to the displaced families and a group of orphan children. As continued conflict accurs in this area and across Syria Shai Fund continuously responds with food aid and non-food items such as clothing, hygene items and supplies.

Feeding Projects & Relief Aid

Shai Fund began working in Syria in 2015 by sending in humanitarian relief aid, food and medical equipment to help the people of Syria. Aid items include distributing emergency supplies and hygiene kits.  

To date we have helped thousands of families with emergency family packages. Each package is enough for one family of 6 – 8 people for one month and typically includes:

  • Food Items: rice, tea, powdered milk, baby milk, beans, lentils, canned goods, oil, salt and sugar. 
  • Non-food Items: Toiletries, clothing, blankets, mattresses, kitchenware and cooking utensils.

Livelihoods Projects & Vocational Training

Food security is critical to this displaced population, with bread being one of the basic commodities in this society that is eaten with almost every meal. Projects like our bakery in N.E. Syrian trains and supports women to not only source local ingredients, bake and sell breads, but to learn about co-operatives and manage business operations, and ultimately own their own bakery, which brings food security to the community and enriches the local economy. 

It empowers women with lasting and transferable business, baking, and life skills and creates community access to food security through nutritious, affordable breads.

This project was made possible by a donation from Freistaat Bayern, Germany.



Shai Fund is a US registered non-profit with 501(c) (3) tax exemption status

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